About us

Rural star of hope was founded on 16th April, 2007 with registration number CG029662016 in compliance with of provition of section 27 and 28 of Company Act 1963, Act 179 by a ruler from the eastern region. It is a nongovernmental organization addressing humanitarian needs of the rural child in education, health as well as supporting HIV/Aids awareness, The Rural Star of Hope started as a normal development activities designed to help his subject in the Kwahu Praso and surrounding communities in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana. As a result of the development initiatives embarked on by the founder. He travelled outside the country to seek for support for his subjects as a traditional leader. Upon several encounter with community development partners in and outside the country, the founder realized his initiatives were having positive impact on the beneficiaries. In order to formalize his development initiatives. He consulted many professionals who helped him to restructure his help initiatives to conform to a more formal regulated status, hence the establishment of Rural Star of Hope. The founder. Acting upon the advice of his team of professionals later decided to extend the activities of the NGO from the Kwahu Praso and surrounding communities to communities in the Upper West Akim district.

Mission Statement

To promote rural education and health needs.

Aims and Objectives of NGO

The Aims and Objectives of the NGO include the following:

  1. To assist vulnerable members in the communities to acquire vocational skills through apprenticeship programmes
  2. To provide start-up funds and material support for vulnerable but entrepreneurial and vocational skilled youth.
  3. To support needy but brilliant students living in remote communities IV. To supply health equipment to Health Centers located in remote communities.
  4. To supply health equipment to Health Centers located in remote communities.

The NGO intends to focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Women and Children in Development
  • Community/Rural Development
  • Small Scale Enterprise Development
  • Educational/Vocational Skills Development
  • Income Generating/Financial Services
  • Health, Population and Drug Abuse